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December 20, 2021

HK01 drives innovation with AWS and raises ad efficiency

Hong Kong-based media company HK01 works with AWS Digital Innovation team and Data Lab to help customers grow their return on ad spend through analyses of its massive amount of audience behavior data. With the use of AI, big data, and machine learning technologies, HK01 drives innovation by displaying highly relevant ads to audiences. Check out how this is possible now.

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Culture of innovation: Start with the customer and work backwards

Have you ever wondered how Amazon drives innovation? Check out this video now to understand how the company innovates by “starting with the customer and working backwards” and the 4 interdependent elements that support long-term innovation at speed and scale.

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This is the place where you see innovation at work — customers worldwide share their innovation stories about building new experiences, getting more value from data, or modernising IT and processes.

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Storeberry offer: Rewards worth HK$6000 awaiting you

AWS customers can now get rewards worth up to HK$6000 for opening online stores with selected plans at omni-channel retail platform Storeberry. Grab this offer now.

Fun fact / interesting news –

Working Backwards drives innovation

Working Backwards is Amazon’s process of discovery and invention that delivers

innovations for customers. About 90% to 95% of innovations at Amazon come from

analyses of customer behaviors and desires. The company works backwards from the moment that the product, service or experience is in a customer’s hands and this framework can be used for different types of organizations.


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