Reinvention starts with cloud migration of your data infrastructure

September 9, 2021 Andy Hu

While organizations understand the importance of data, they struggle with their existing on-premises data infrastructure, which has become increasingly complicated, requiring a large staff with additional investments. Challenges that organizations face maintaining their data and analytics platform on-premises include: Vendor lock-in from legacy databases, cost, performance concerns, lack of scalability, operational inefficiency, security and compliance, etc.

As a result, focus is taken away from innovation and application development.

By modernizing the data infrastructure, organizations can get off of on-premises data stores and onto cloud data infrastructure. With AWS, organizations access IT resources—like storage, database, analytics, and machine learning—over the internet instead of buying, owning, and maintaining physical data centers and servers themselves.

In this eBook, we will introduce the story of Cathay Pacific Airways modernizing passenger revenue optimization system(PROS) on AWS, increasing performance by 20%. With less time spent on managing PROS, Cathay Pacific can now provide customers with a better booking experience through new software features.

If you’re committed to reinventing your organization to a data-driven one, the move from on-premises and self-managed data solutions to fully managed cloud data services is the critical first step. Download this eBook and learn how modernizing the data infrastructure enables innovation.

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