Application Modernization in the Enterprise: Architectural, Operational, and Delivery Impacts

October 20, 2020

IDC Opinion (based on the interview conducted with Expedia Group)

Enterprises require the agility of a modern technology platform to take advantage of new business opportunities. A modern technology platform requires a change in culture as well as new skills to apply modern development tools.

Refactoring existing applications is an essential step as enterprises continue their cloud adoption journey. IDC predicts that by 2023, over 50% of information communication technology (ICT) spending will be directly for digital transformation and innovation. To achieve digital transformation goals like Expedia Group interviewed for this White Paper, enterprises must adopt an agile posture in developing and delivering application functionality to meet business needs by embracing modern software delivery methods and tools.

Read the IDC report to learn why refactoring existing applications is an essential step for digital modernization.

  • The business imperatives of application modernization
  • Steps to be taken to modernize applications
  • The lessons Expedia Group learned through their own modernization experience
  • Future outlook
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