Opening Keynote - Driving Exceptional Customer Experience With Strategic Martech

April 7, 2022

(English | Level 100)

Darrell Alfonso, Global Technical Trainer, AWS Marketing Tech, AWS

The Martech landscape is exploding, with over 8,000 different tools and platforms to choose from. Marketers are faced with overwhelming options, and are struggling to find the right mix of technology and strategy to effectively engage their customers. How can today’s marketers deliver on increasingly growing targets while navigating the incredible rate of change of the Martech industry? Join this session to learn: (1) why strategy and customer experience should drive your Martech stack, (2) how to use data to create personalized customer experiences, and (3) what marketers can expect from the Martech landscape in the five years.

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Improve Customer Experiences and Engagements
Improve Customer Experiences and Engagements

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