AWS Jan 2021: Rethink, Reinvent & Rebuild to kick off the new year

December 20, 2021

Looking for insights to help reinvent and rebuild your business in 2021? Visit AWS now.

BBPOS reinvents mobile payment with AWS

With an AWS solution, Hong Kong-headquartered mobile POS solution provider BBPOS supports 80,000 concurrent connections with single-digit millisecond latency for payment processing, 99.99% service availability and 24/7 support. Check out how BBPOS has reinvented itself successfully.


First workload series: Kickstart your first web project on AWS

Check out on-demand videos and content in this series to learn how you can build and host web applications effectively on AWS


e-Books: Forging ahead with AI and machine learning

AI and ML are powerful technologies but the path toward leveraging their full power isn’t straight-forward. Now we offer two eBooks which share with you how some well-known companies have tackled common challenges and reinvented themselves successfully as well as use cases for different sectors. Download them now.



Live chat with AWS

Start rethinking, reinventing and rebuilding any steps in your cloud journeys with our experts who are always ready to share their insights and advice with you.


Jan 29 Understand how Cloud can Add Value to your Business

Join this webinar to learn from our experts the elasticity of using cloud, cloud financial management, how to understand your spending on AWS, and how to plan and run cloud cost-effectively.

Feb 2 AWSome day Online Conference

Register for the event in Cantonese to learn how you can make the best use of AI and machine learning technologies to reinvent your businesses.

Feb 23 AWS AI & Machine Learning Web Day

Join us to gain AI & ML insights from AWS customers in Hong Kong who use the technologies to create new insights, enable higher efficiency, and make more accurate predictions.

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AWS in Feb: How to reap benefits of AI & Machine Learning
AWS in Feb: How to reap benefits of AI & Machine Learning

The gateway to AI and machine learning success. Visit AWS Hong Kong now.

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