Make data a strategic asset

September 9, 2021 Andy Hu

When organizations are able to get insights from their data, they can stay one step ahead of customer needs, competitive pressures, and industry trends. In this eBook, learn from leading organizations on how they used data, analytics, and machine learning to reinvent themselves.

  • Vyaire Medical scales on AWS to meet soaring demand for ventilators. Vyaire was able to use technology to support an unprecedented increase in ventilator manufacturing and help save thousands of lives.
  • Amazon is using machine learning to eliminate 915,000 tons of packaging. The customer packaging experience team partnered with AWS to build a machine learning (ML) solution to make more sustainable packaging decisions while keeping the customer experience bar high.
  • INVISTA migrated from siloed data to a data lake on AWS, paving the way for the company to solve business problems, boost operational speed and agility.
  • Expedia Group speeds up vendor payment transactions from one day to seconds. Manual touch rate for processing partner payments has been reduced from 17% to 0.06%.
  • Toyota Racing Development drives better insights needed to make key race-time decisions through speedy data analytics, giving the company a technological edge over competitors.

The business potential of data goes far beyond these customer use cases. Start or expand your data journey now to accelerate innovation.

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