Six steps to machine learning success

January 8, 2023

When deployed with the right strategy, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning
(ML) can increase agility, streamline processes, boost revenue by creating new products and
improving existing ones, and enable better, faster decision-making.

There’s no doubt that AI and ML can help companies achieve more—by 2025, global spending
on AI will reach $204 billion.1 It’s also clear that adopters continue to have confidence in AI’s
ability to drive value and competitive advantage.

While ML has been around for decades, its accessibility as a tool to transform businesses is
relatively new. Additionally, the lack of a singular proven path to ML success is keeping some
businesses waiting on the sidelines, unsure of how to take the next (or even the first) step on
the journey.

It’s time for organizations to overcome ML barriers, stop playing catch-up, and forge ahead
with confidence. This eBook outlines a proven path—from the first step to measuring
results—with insights from Amazon ML best practices and its experience helping thousands
of customers realize their own initiatives.

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