Running Windows Workloads on AWS

October 21, 2020

Move to the world’s best cloud for Windows workloads

"Cloud infrastructure utilization has passed the tipping point. Research shows that 58% of mid-market and enterprise-sized organizations rely on infrastructure-as-a-service today, 3.4x the incidence observed in 2015." - Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)

Customers have been running Windows workloads on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for over a decade. We run nearly 2x more Windows Server instances than the next largest cloud provider, according to an IDC report. Our experience running Windows applications has earned our customers’ trust, and the number of AWS enterprise customers using Amazon EC2 for Windows Server has grown 5x since 2015.

For greater reliability, broader and deeper functionality, and stronger security, AWS has consistently proven to be the best option for running Windows and SQL Server workloads. AWS features the Intel 2nd Gen Xeon Scalable Processors, and delivers 2x better price/performance advantage, while protecting your critical Windows workloads with 210 AWS security services and saving up to 90% on Windows compute costs. Take advantage of best practices developed over a decade of successfully migrating thousands of customers to AWS.

You can select from a number of Windows Server versions including the latest version, Windows Server 2019. In addition, AWS supports everything you need to build and run Windows applications including Active Directory, .NET, System Center, Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Studio, and the first and only fully managed native-Windows file system available in the cloud with FSx for Windows File Server.

Many customers with large volumes of Windows workloads, including NextGen Healthcare and Jobvite, are "all in" with AWS. Some of the largest enterprises in the world, including Dole, Hess, Expedia, Suncorp, and Pitney Bowes run their Microsoft workloads on AWS as part of a hybrid architecture.

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