5 ways a secure cloud infrastructure drives innovation

July 28, 2023

Even in times of economic uncertainty, organizations need to continue innovating to drive
differentiation and competitive advantage. Innovation allows businesses to discover those
operational efficiencies and new streams of revenue. Many factors can affect the ability to
innovate quickly and at scale, and they can vary according to company and industry. But one element stands as universally critical: security.

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安全的雲端基礎設施推動創新的 5 種方法
安全的雲端基礎設施推動創新的 5 種方法


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成功的安全組織意味著什麼? 這些公司正在以比其他公司更高的效率改善其風險狀況,同時最佳化對雲端的使用,從而以更快的速度創造新的商業價值形式。