AWS enables Web3 Ecosystem

April 12, 2023

Web3, also known as Web 3.0, strives to build a user-owned and decentralized Internet ecosystem based on blockchain technology. Web3 allows the Internet users to control their own digital identity and digital assets, allows network owners, content providers, and ecosystem participants to participate more in value distribution, and balances the efficiency of the Internet and the fairness of rights and interests.

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AWS 香港數碼技能硏究
AWS 香港數碼技能硏究

在香港,我們看到資訊科技正從個⼈、機構和宏觀經濟層面⼤幅推動重⼤的數碼科技變革。為研究這些動向,Gallup 與 AWS 進⾏了⾄今最具規模的與數碼技能相關的全球調查之⼀。