8 Best Practices to Make Your Cloud Migration a Success

October 21, 2020

Deliver cloud value faster with 8 Best Practices to Make Your Cloud Migration a Success

Cloud is fundamentally changing the way business is conducted and is quickly becoming an enabler for companies to go global, launch new products, and modernize their businesses. If you’re thinking along the same lines, you’re in good company. Today, global organizations such as The Coca-Cola Company, BP, Enel, News Corp, and Twenty-First Century Fox have made the journey from private data center to AWS and transformed their businesses.

Hong Kong and Taiwan are no exception. Swire Coca-Cola closed 3 on-premises production and disaster recovery data centers and migrated all of their business systems, including SAP and CRM, to AWS. It "achieved digital transformation of our IT systems, which can serve…hundreds of millions of consumers rather than the previous 10,000 sales representatives.”

Understanding the best practices learned from those who have gone before you can help reduce the time and effort needed to reach the full benefits of cloud migration.

Through our experience in helping thousands of businesses migrate to the cloud, we’ve captured eight best practices that you can use to help make your cloud adoption plan a success. Now you can learn from their experience to simplify and accelerate your migration with 8 Best Practices to Make Your Cloud Migration a Success.

  • Cultivating conviction & alignment across senior leadership
  • Identifying aggressive, top-down, quantifiable goals
  • Choose the appropriate migration pattern & embrace hybrid IT
  • and 5 more that are key to achieving cloud success

Discover how these best practices can help you drive value and by putting your cloud migration in the fast lane.

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