8 Business Drivers That Motivate Cloud Migrations

October 21, 2020

Why do today’s businesses migrate to the cloud?

Swire Coca-Cola closed 3 on-premises production and disaster recovery data centers and migrated all of their business systems, including SAP and CRM, to AWS. It "achieved digital transformation of our IT systems, which can serve…hundreds of millions of consumers rather than the previous 10,000 sales representatives.”

By migrating some or all of their digital assets to the cloud, businesses can achieve transformational results. They can move and innovate faster, modernize aging infrastructure, scale globally, get better insights from their data, and restructure organizational models to create better customer experiences.

At AWS, 13 years of helping organizations successfully migrate to the cloud has given us robust insights into their motivations. Discover eight business drivers that send businesses into the cloud. Then see how migrating with AWS enables your organization to:

  • Reduce operational costs by up to 51%
  • Bring products and services to market 18.8% faster
  • Enable more intelligent use of new technologies like AI/ML and IoT

Learn more about software, services, and support designed to help you achieve your objectives quickly and efficiently.

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