ESG: AWS Sustainability Solutions for Retail and CPG

July 31, 2023

Operating sustainably is no longer a choice—it’s an imperative. Making meaningful progress to address climate change takes unprecedented action across all industries and societies. Consumers want to buy from, employees want to work for, and investors want to invest in retailers and CPG companies actively addressing critical environmental and social issues:

• Reducing carbon footprint and protecting environmental resources
• Sourcing eco-friendly materials and the circular economy
• Optimizing and reducing packaging
• Working with socially responsible vendors
• Promoting inclusion, diversity, and equity
• Protecting consumer data privacy and security

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ESG:為零售與 CPG 產業打造的 AWS 永續發展解決方案
ESG:為零售與 CPG 產業打造的 AWS 永續發展解決方案

零售商與 CPG 公司究竟如何利用技術達成永續發展的目標、大幅提高客戶滿意度,並且增加獲利