AWS Builder Series Hong Kong: Python Developer’s Guide - Build a Serverless API with Python on AWS (Cantonese)

Python Developer’s Guide - Build a Serverless API with Python on AWS 
APIs are powerful, and play a particularly important role in building modern application architecture. When tooling together with serverless functions, API enables flexibility for developer to build project and release application quickly at scale, all without managing servers. Through this Builder Series webinar, you can learn how to develop a serverless API in Python with AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway, which lets you focus on your applications, instead of spending time provisioning and managing servers. Beyond that, you will learn the best practice on how to protect API with authentication and how to leverage AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) for application development .
What you will learn
  • Develop an API with Lambda and API Gateway 
  • AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) concepts
  • Protect your API with authentication
Best fit for
  • Python Developer/Engineer who either are new to AWS or experienced user
  • Solutions Architect with Python programing skills
Pre-event prep
  • AWS Account Creation
  • Personal GitHub
Fey Zhao, Solutions Architect, AWS
Clifford Duke, Startup Solutions Architect, AWS

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