AWS Founder Spotlight - Paving the Path to Y Combinator (Cantonese)

September 27, 2022

AWS Activate Program for Hong Kong Startups:

99% of Y Combinator’s applicants don’t get in. From the application, to the interview, to the 3-month funding cycle, it is a tough and challenging journey. DimOrder, a 3-year-old home grown technology startup, who is eager to transform the F&B industry, has made into that sweet 1%. The story of DimOrder began with two passionate restaurant owners who have experienced all the ups and downs. Even though it was not a successful venture, Ben and Tim did not give up on their belief that keeping a close and genuine relationship with customers is the key to success. After the closure of their restaurants, they saw an opportunity to leverage technology to help other restaurant owners build closer relationship with their customers.

In 2019, they founded DimOrder and launched the DimPOS solution to help restaurants increase workflow efficiency so restaurant owners can focus their energy on serving customers. Since then, they have been continuously growing and have achieved 8X growth in 12 months.

In this event, Tim Lee and Wing Liu, Co-founders of DimOrder, will share how they started the business and got admitted to Y Combinator. They will share about things you should know before applying for Y Combinator and what kind of startups they are looking for. You will also learn how DimOrder has leveraged AWS to accelerate their growth in a short period of time.

99%的Y Combinator創業加速器申請者都無法通過這個艱難而具挑戰性的過程,由申請到面試,再到3個月的資金週期都不易通過。DimOrder是一間成立了3年的本土初創科技公司,公司期望能重塑餐飲業,並擠身至成功的1%。 DimOrder的故事始於兩位充滿熱情,歷盡高低的餐廳老闆。 雖然最後這並非一個成功的投資,但Ben和Tim並沒有放棄他們的信念,深信與客戶保持緊密而真誠的關係是成功的關鍵。 在餐廳倒閉後,他們洞悉到這個機會,希望利用科技協助其他餐廳老闆拉近與客戶的關係。

在2019年,他們創立了DimOrder,並推出了DimPOS解決方案,協助餐廳提升工作效率,以便餐廳老闆集中精力專注服務客戶。 自此公司便不斷增長,更在12個月內增長了 8 倍。

在這次活動中,DimOrder的聯合創始人,Tim Lee和Wing Liu將分享他們如何創業並成功被Y Combinator取錄。他們將分享在申請Y Combinator前必須知道的事項以及他們正在尋找什麼類型的初創企業。 您還可以了解DimOrder如何利用AWS在短時間內迅速增長。

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