AWS Founder Spotlight: Acquisition Journey of KintoHub (English Webinar)

April 19, 2021

First Hand Insights on KintoHub's Capital Raising and Acquisition Journey

How you differentiate yourself and your offerings through storytelling and messaging is vital when you talk to potential investors or company considering to acquire you. As founders, reaching out, making connections, and building relationships is important. Today, we are able to make more of our connections virtually than ever before, there are new ways to pound the online pavement and make the most of every conversation to pitch and seize the opportunity.

During the webinar, Joseph Cooper, a serial entrepreneur, will share his experience on his recent capital raising and acquisition journey with KintoHub, an open-source full-stack app platform. During his 3-year journey founding KintoHub from scratch, he has already raised over 2.4M USD from venture capitals and angel investors in the US, EU and Asia. In Feb 2021, his team has been fully acquihired by Cash App, developed by Square Inc.

How AWS can Support Startups to Grow
Apart from sharing his personal experiences and tips on building a multi-million local startup, Cooper will also share how AWS supported him along his way from scratch to being fully acquihired. AWS has provided technical advisory and business support on KintoHub's infrastructure building, as well as plentiful networking opportunities that has assisted KintoHub to expand the business and raise capital.

Who Should Attend
Startup Founders/ Co-Founders, Entrepreneurs or anyone who are interested in developing a successful startup.

​Allen Houng, Startup Business Development Manager, AWS
Joseph Cooper, Founder/Co-Founder, KintoHub

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