AWS Founder Spotlight - GoodNotes’ Tremendous Success in Global Markets (Cantonese)

June 30, 2021

Ten years ago, Steven started his business, GoodNotes, the note-taking app from his frustration of taking readable and reusable notes on his first iPad. As a solopreneur, Steven has devoted most of his time to develop product and offer the most extraordinary user experience for Goodnote's users. Over the years, GoodNotes has grown to more than millions of happy users around the world and has been featured on Apple’s iPad Pro videos and websites. The app is currently running in 10+ languages and still counting. What is the key differentiator of GoodNotes that facilitates its worldwide expansion?
In this webinar, Steven Chan, the Founder of GoodNotes, will share his startup story and AWS cloud journey. GoodNotes is consistently one of the top-ranking iPad apps worldwide, a household name within student communities, and is considered a must-have app on the iPad. Steven and his team aims to realize the potential of digital note-taking for every work situation.


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