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Dive Deep on Running Modern Application with AWS Container Services (Cantonese Webinar)

Containers have emerged as an enabling technology for companies to drive rapid innovation and application development in a more cost effective way. Containers disrupt the traditional development cycle by driving developers to assume ownership of quality control for the apps and code developed. In this webinar, we discuss best practices in containerization, and identify some common customer scenarios during the adoption of AWS container services.

beNovelty, a Hong Kong business providing one-stop API platform services, will share how to solve challenges and gain benefits from containers. You will learn what makes AWS the #1 place to run 80% of all containers in the cloud the different use cases AWS container services support multiple container services AWS offers to help you deploy, manage, and scale containers how to perform the containers lifecycle management, such as logging, scaling, and platform upgrade how to integrate your container clusters with other AWS services The event is designed for technical decision makers, developers, DevOps, engineers, IT professionals, and anyone who is interested in learning more about container.

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建立和增強您的電子商務網站 (廣東話線上研討會)
建立和增強您的電子商務網站 (廣東話線上研討會)

Amazon Web Services 為那些希望擁有靈活、安全、可高度擴展、低成本線上銷售和零售解決方案的各種規模企業,提供電子商務雲端運算解決方案。本網上研討會我們將會分享啟動電子商務網站時需要了解的5件事。

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Machine Learning on AWS - with C&R (Cantonese Webinar)
Machine Learning on AWS - with C&R (Cantonese Webinar)

In this webinar, learn about the AWS machine learning stack, latest AI services and our APN Partner on how ...

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